Chateau Central Vacuum Kit


The Wessel-Werk Chateau collection will never disappoint when it comes to cleaning and durability. This tool kit includes the German designed and manufactured EBK340 Powerhead. This German engineered and manufactured EBK340QDCW includes a new integrated telescoping wand. An integrated wand means the electric cord is connected to the wand, so when the wand is disconnected, the power is also disconnected. When the wand is connected, it locks to the hose and powerhead securing the electrical connection. With no clumsy cords the powerhead is not only convenient, it is a tremendous time saver. The telescoping wand is double action and features the Wessel-Werk QDC (Quick Disconnect) end. This wand makes setting the height quick and easy. The QDC powerhead is so simple to disconnect at the base, all you do is step on the release and pull. The hose that comes with this set has a pigtail cord for non-electrical inlets and a simple conversion you can do to make the hose direct connect for use with electrical inlets. The Contemporary design of this nozzle was done specifically for the U.S. market with all the functions and features of a European powerhead. The EBK340 offers unmatched performance. The Kit Includes: Hose w/Pigtail (w/conversion kit for direct connect), Power Nozzle (EBK340), Telescopic Metal Electrified Wand, 2 Plastic Wands, Elongated Dusting Brush, Upholstery Tool, 14″ Bare Floor Tool, Hose Hanger, Tool Caddy Bag, 3-Piece Tool Holder.

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